Poropiti (2013)

Megan Hansen-Knarhoi

Megan Hansen-Knarhoi is a contemporary New Zealand artist working predominantly in sculpture and site specific installation, investigating iconography, signs and symbols. Her work celebrates, scrutinises and satirises aspects of faith, creating friction between the sacred and profane, the positive and the negative, the beautiful and the ugly, and the physical and the cerebral. Her concepts are intertwined in the materials and rituals of the artworks she creates. Through the repetitive and obsessive-compulsive aspect of her work, certain rituals and beliefs are exposed as empty, arbitrary and absurd. The discipline of making is confused with obsession, making the ritual in a sense obsolete and meaningless but ironically, by its very devotion and proliferation, profound. New Zealand Art writer and critic Dr Edward Hanfling has described Hansen-Knarhoi as ‘one of New Zealand's finest artists’1, and by Curator Anna-Marie White as a distinctive figure in contemporary New Zealand art.2
1 ‘Threading a Fine Twine - A Critical Response to the Art of Megan Hansen-Knarhoi’, Art New Zealand, Number 120 / Spring 2006, pp.74-76, 89
2 http://thesuter.org.nz/whatson/meganhansen-knarhoijesusspells.aspx

Current & Future Projects

in Te Urewera Conversations
Whakatāne Museum & Gallery, Te Whare Taonga o te rohe o Whakatāne
Boon Street, Whakatāne
24 November 2013 - 19 January 2014